Stand-Up-Paddle or SUP is a type of surfing that comes from Hawaii. It is practised standing on a long, wide board propelled using a large paddle.

To practise Stand-Up-Paddle, just a minimum sense of balance and a swimsuit are necessary. This is a very soft physical activity that does not require special skills, and which everyone can do. However if you like performances, long walks or waves, this sport will also suit you and will give you unforgettable sensations.

The conditions are perfect for practising Stand Up Paddle and provide aficionados greater security. The water is shallow, there is no dangerous obstacles in the water, no current for many hours after the tides, which creates the ideal conditions for beginners.

From the beach, you can go up a lagoon towards the fishing village of Kunduchi. A half-an-hour or half-a-day adventure accessible to everyone. An instructor will accompany you.

The island Mbudya, 5 minutes by boat from the school, is a worthy goal for an unforgettable tour of the island. This wild and protected part of the marine reserve of Dar el Salam which includes four other islands.

A long stretch of sandy beach, stunning landscapes and an impeccable personalized service that will make you feel the only one left in the world.

Come and fulfill your dream of nature with us...

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