The Kunduchi Kite School is located at Kunduchi, a small town north of Dar el Salaam, Tanzania on the vast sandy beach of the Kunduchi Resort Hotel.

The city of Dar el Salaam is only 20 km away and offers visitors all the benefits of an important economic capital. However, the frenzy of activities does not reach the green jewel case in which the Kunduchi hotel is nestled. The hotel and the beach are completely secured by guards in a residential area protected from noise and pollution, the hotel and Kunduchi Kite School accumulate valuable assets.

The advantageous location of the hotel and its Kunduchi Kite School allows guests to stay between the turquoise waters and the sandy beaches of the Indian ocean near the wildlife parks of southern Tanzania. Wildlife in zoos, island, lagunas, rivers, are also directly accessible around our site.

The Kunduchi Kite School is located in front of the island Mbudya, a 10-minute sail. This island is part of the marine reserve of Dar el Salaam, which also includes four other islands. This protected wilderness is a place of excursion for Stand Up Paddle, snorkeling and walking. It is also a good spot for unforgettable Kitesurfing Wind Downs.

Our clients and their families will find at the Kunduchi hotel a wide variety of entertainment including the largest water park in Tanzania, the swimming pool, the beautiful outdoor bar, Yoga, gym, carting, trips to see the dolphins, etc…

All these activities are available to make your day full of sports or relaxing moments you'll remember forever. We want to offer you a complete experience with the lifestyle that suits it, throughout your stay.

Welcome to Kunduchi Kite School.

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