Kitesurfing is a recent sport that allows you to "slide on the water, pulled by the wind" with a kite and a surfboard. This is a friendly and also family sport that provides intense sensations in often exceptional sites.

The school has direct access to the huge beach of Kunduchi hotel. The spot is private and unfrequented which is a rare luxury. Aerological conditions are perfect and there are no dangerous obstacle, only the sand as far as your eyes can see. The water is shallow for many hours, which creates the ideal conditions for beginners. These conditions provide aficionados greater security during the navigation, takeoff and landing of the wing.

The center offers all the required services to kiters, shower, locker rooms, African bar, rigging and inflation air, assistance during takeoff and landing, safety boat, equipment storage, repair shop, etc…

The school provides education to the standards of the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO).

In case of an accident, first aid will be provided on site, as all instructors are holders of XXX, and the manager is even a French graduate nurse, for the most serious care you will be directed quickly and safely to Dar el Salaam where you will be treated to the highest standards in the country.

The climate is equatorial. There is a first rainy season from March to early May and a short rainy season from November to mid-December. Between these two periods, it is less hot as the trade winds blow regularly. The dominant wind direction is always side, side on shore regardless of the season. It blows Southeast from April to October and North East from November to March. It rises every day in the late morning and remains between 15 and 20 knots until the night especially during dry seasons.

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